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Success Equals Achievements, Not Busyness.

How often do you ask someone how they are going and they reply: “Busy.” You then have a discussion with them about being busy. It usually has overtones of overwhelm and touches of fatigue. The emphasis in the discussion is around the busyness and its impact. If you permit me to say so, it’s a rather inane discussion! There is often no comment made about what the busyness is achieving. When we are busy, always on the go, we appear to be achieving things, but that is not always the case. The challenge is to let go of busyness, change the dialogue and focus on achievements.

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Caring Professional Vs Knowing Professional

his is a message for all of my colleagues out there who work in the area of professional development and training, consultancy, coaching and mentoring.

As professionals and business owners our professional or industry knowledge is important. People expect us to know what we are talking about. They expect that we are someone they can trust to provide us with a service or product they want and to have all the required knowledge about it.

Have you noticed, however, that it’s not always the cleverest, the ones who’ve done the most training or got the most qualifications who are most successful?
So this week, ask yourself: what do I need to do, so that every client or customer I meet, feels that I really care about them? What do I need to change in myself so that they know that I am deeply committed to helping them achieve what is most important for them?

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Discover the Six Critical Attributes of A Difference Maker.

It was Steve Jobs who famously said: “We are here to put a dent in the Universe.” To make sure, that when we leave, our dent will still be there with our unique name on it is a somewhat of a big challenge. It’s an even bigger challenge to do what we need to do to put the dent there in the first place. This is what being a difference maker is about.

I came up with 6 attributes that characterise a Difference Maker in this 21st century.

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Passion And Energy Attract Opportunities

Where do you go next when you miss out on a new job you expected to get?

You had even got some coaching beforehand to ensure you performed better than you did at the last interview. You acted on what you and your coach agreed would be a good approach. You thought the interview went very well. But, no, you didn’t get it.

When you telephoned for some feed-back, you were told that the person who got the job was more passionate about the position and showed more energy for what he wanted and hoped to do if he got it.

Passion? Energy? Is that an interviewing skill I need to learn?

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Vale Dr. Chris Millar.

On October 18, 2014, my very dear friend, Chris Millar, from Ballarat died suddenly, half an hour after leaving our house. This is the Eulogy I gave at his Public Memorial Service. I post it here as a tribute to him and the way he practised medicine, his wholistic approach, his treatment of the whole person.
Being a friend of Chris’s was always stimulating because he was a big picture person, visionary and full of ideas. They weren’t always possible or practical, but he dreamed them anyway. I was like that myself and that’s why we got on so well.

It’s not easy to find people who will dream with you, who will dare to dream things that never were and ask “why not”. He drew to himself people who valued that way of living their lives, many of you are here today. Chris, like me, believed that having to be realistic all the time was the fastest way to mediocrity and that wasn’t for him.

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Simon Sinek – How Great Leaders Inspire Action.

17,944,466 people have watched this TED talk by Simon Sinek on video. Yes, that’s 17 MILLION, almost 18 million! Pretty incredible, isn’t it? The video here  is 18 minutes long. So it must have an important message in it, don’t you think? I’ve watched it countless times. I also paid a lot of money…

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Find Your WHY, The HOW Then Is Easy.

Darren Hardy, the Editor of Success Magazine, tells this story about finding our “Why”. I want to share it with you here. So put yourself among the hundreds in the audience at one of his workshops. If I put a plank across the stage from one side to the other, about half a metre from…

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