Vale Dr. Chris Millar.

On October 18, 2014, my very dear friend, Chris Millar, from Ballarat died suddenly, half an hour after leaving our house. This is the Eulogy I gave at his Public Memorial Service. I post it here as a tribute to him and the way he practised medicine, his wholistic approach, his treatment of the whole person.
Being a friend of Chris’s was always stimulating because he was a big picture person, visionary and full of ideas. They weren’t always possible or practical, but he dreamed them anyway. I was like that myself and that’s why we got on so well.

It’s not easy to find people who will dream with you, who will dare to dream things that never were and ask “why not”. He drew to himself people who valued that way of living their lives, many of you are here today. Chris, like me, believed that having to be realistic all the time was the fastest way to mediocrity and that wasn’t for him.

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