Women’s Empowerment

International Women’s Day 2016 – How Women Can Integrate Their Personal and Professional Lives.

International Women’s Day 2016 is a good day to decide to face head on the challenge you face as a woman in integrating your personal and professional life. I have shared here 15 actions for you to consider in making that happen. Most importantly, don’t give up when the going gets tough. Too many women find the struggle of balancing the competing demands of their work and family too stressful and give up on their work. When this happens make it “Our” problem – yours as a couple, not just yours as a mother or professional woman. Talk it through with your partner. Talk with your mentor or coach. Be proactive first, before being reactive. Get clear what the issues are. Ask yourself: what do I really want to happen here? Think laterally: how could I make that happen in this situation? Or,what’s the closest I can get to what I want in this situation?

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