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If you are reading this, you are probably in a senior position and able to influence decision-making in your organisation. You obviously want some professional development for your organisation, a specific team, an individual or your leaders. You may not exactly know what is needed at this point in time. You just know you want some things to change.

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  • If You Look After Your People, They Will Look After Your Organisation

    One of the important ways you can look after your people, that is most often highly valued by them, is helping them advance their careers by offering opportunities for professional development and training. This is an investment that promises win/win outcomes.
  • Skilling Your People To Work At The Cutting Edge

    In this new economy, disruption is the new normal. Your employees need to be developing the soft skills needed to work within inevitable change and uncertainty if they want to stay at the top of their game. It means being pro-active rather than reactive and leading the change, not just managing it.

  • Self-Leadership is the First Skill For All To Learn

    You need to instil in your people that their first professional responsibility is to lead and manage themselves – their personality, behaviour, attitude and mindset. This is about self-mastery, doing work on themselves. This is about enhancing self-leadership

  • Motivating High Performance Inspires Greater Engagement

    When you move from driving higher performance with extrinsic rewards and “punishments” to motivating it intrinsically, you will inspire greater engagement and commitment. It’s about empowering employees by using pro-active, feed-forward approaches, rather than reactive, feed-back approaches.

  • Discover Your Talented People and Invest In Their Potential

    If you want to keep your talented, high potential employees, identify them, show them a possible career path at your organisation, give them stretch assignments, coach and mentor them and offer them opportunities for professional development that will enhance their leadership potential.


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There’s only one thing worse than training your staff and having them leave, and that’s NOT training them and having them stay.

- Zig Ziglar