Dr. Maree Harris, Ph.D. helps leaders empower themselves

to move from what they need to DO,

to who they need to BE,

to lead in these challenging times.

She does this as a

Speaker,  Mentor, Trainer, and Facilitator

She empowers 

Organisations and Individuals to manage the Exponential Change

that produces the Uncertainty, Unpredictability, Complexity and Volatility

that Disrupt their Business Operations, their Professional and Personal Lives

and challenges their Expectations of Success

In a world of change,

the Learners inherit the earth,

while the Learned shall find themselves perfectly suited to a world that no longer exists

- Eric Hoffer


Maree can be the person that empowers you to lead in a world of change

  • Developing the Human skills that Technology cannot replicate or automate

    These are the skills that will see you become highly sought after to lead, after many jobs are automated and disappear. 

  • Developing your self-leadership skills.

    Maree believes these specialist soft skills are the missing piece to empowered leadership today. They are the skills that see you leading yourself first because if you cannot do that, you cannot expect to lead others.

  • Becoming a difference maker in this new economy.

    As you develop and enhance the self-leadership skills that take you from what you need to DO to what you need to BE as a leader, you will confidently make decisions that make a very real difference.

  • Becoming a change leader, not merely a change manager

    You can ignore, resist or adapt to change. You can even try and manage it. The successful leader today will lead the change, working at its cutting edge. 

  • Embracing Digital Transformation

    Maree counteracts the fear-mongering about the impact of technology with pro-active ways you can engage with it to enhance the work of your organisation, leading to positive outcomes.

  • Developing Strategic Alliances.

    Maree assumes that your professional and industry specific skills are highly developed. As you engage in on-going education to remain at the cutting edge, however, she will work alongside your technical training experts, integrating leadership skills and development into that training.

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What Maree's Clients Have To Say

We approached Maree Harris of People Empowered to assist us with our Professional Development program. Maree was fantastic in working with us to develop a ‘soft skills’ program and was more than willing to customise sessions to meet our needs. She made sure she understood the profession and the challenges for developing less-technical aspects of the CPA’s role in a busy workplace. Her delivery style is very engaging and she uses examples that we can all relate to in our own working lives to demonstrate her point. Maree’s sessions have been a welcome addition to our Professional Development calendar!

CPA Australia

Geelong Branch

In my last three positions, spanning nearly twenty years, I have found Maree to be an invaluable source of support and advice. She has long been exceptionally adept at sorting out knotty personal and interpersonal issues for staff on an individual basis. The accumulation of her knowledge and experience in this field is just one of the reasons for her capability as an expert advisor at an organisational level.

Lynne McLennan

CEO, UFO Dispensaries, Ballarat

Maree delivered an interactive workshop for members and guests at The Impact Workshop co-working space on the extremely topical issue of soft skills for technical experts. As a highly skilled facilitator Maree was able to deliver a thought-provoking session and engage all participants in a discussion tailored to their needs and interests. Each participant walked away equipped with new tactics to progress their career, as well as a great perception of our space. Maree was very pleasant to work with and we would be happy to have her share her knowledge of leadership and related issues in our space again.

Amalia Ridwan

General Manager at Sprout Place

The world is changing faster than ever and the way we manage ourselves, our work, personal life and interact with people.  Today leadership is so important in our everyday lives which includes the soft skills we use to guide and mentor the many different people we interact with and values to balance our lives.  Maree offers insightful but simple methods to develop your soft skills through practical interactive workshops that can only improve our leadership in this fast changing world.  It was great to be part of introductory session offered through the Australian Institute of Management (AIM) and experience the wisdom Maree was able to offer.

Michael Ingwersen

MBA, B.Eng (Mech), MEKS Solutions

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