Dr. Maree Harris, Ph.D.

is a Leadership Mentor and Coach,

a Facilitator of Transformational Change for

Leaders and their Organisations.

In a world of change,

the Learners inherit the earth,

while the Learned shall find themselves perfectly suited to a world that no longer exists

- Eric Hoffer


Maree can be the person that empowers you to lead in a world of change

  • Developing the Human skills that Technology cannot replicate or automate

    These are the skills that will see you become highly sought after to lead, after many jobs are automated and disappear. 

  • Developing your self-leadership skills.

    Maree believes these specialist soft skills are the missing piece to empowered leadership today. They are the skills that see you leading yourself first because if you cannot do that, you cannot expect to lead others.

  • Becoming a difference maker in this new economy.

    As you develop and enhance the self-leadership skills that take you from what you need to DO to what you need to BE as a leader, you will confidently make decisions that make a very real difference.

  • Becoming a change leader, not merely a change manager

    You can ignore, resist or adapt to change. You can even try and manage it. The successful leader today will lead the change, working at its cutting edge. 

  • Embracing Digital Transformation

    Maree counteracts the fear-mongering about the impact of technology with pro-active ways you can engage with it to enhance the work of your organisation, leading to positive outcomes.

  • Developing Strategic Alliances.

    Maree assumes that your professional and industry specific skills are highly developed. As you engage in on-going education to remain at the cutting edge, however, she will work alongside your technical training experts, integrating leadership skills and development into that training.

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