Stretch Yourself To Your Limit – What Coaches Do For You!

If you’ve ever worked out with a personal trainer, you’ll know what it’s like to stretch yourself to the limit. A business or leadership development coach can help you do that for your career, stretch you to where you discover untapped potential that you never knew you had. They believe in you more than you believe in yourself. Every time I have pushed my VIP coaching clients to the edge of the precipice, in spite of their protests and fear, they have always flown! No one yet has crashed into the valley below, because I, their coach, believed in them, believed they could fly. You can also stretch yourself beyond where you are now and achieve more than you ever thought possible.

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Empowerment is About Lighting Your Fuse!

Empowerment is about lighting your fuse. I really believe that we all have something special and unique inside us. The reason why some are able to develop it and show it to the world is because they light the fuse. That’s what it means to empower ourselves. No one else can empower us. We have to do it ourselves. Others can encourage, support, motivate and inspire us, but only we can take that final step and light the fuse. When we do that, we take off. All those talents and all that potential we have inside us is activated and released.

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Expect More From 2015 – A Gift For You.

This is for all you empowered, pro-active and glass-half-full people as you move into 2015. You are the people who have a mindset that automatically gears you up to EXPECT MORE FROM 2015. After all, why would you want to stay where you were in 2014 and be a photocopy of your 2014 self?

I have an e-book here to help you on your way, called Expect More From 2015.

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Cancel Doubt in 2015

Cancel doubt in 2015. Be a Can Do person, a glass half full person. This is what this blog is about, challenging you to let go of fear – and doubts – and take hold of your world. Empower yourself. Just Do It!

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A Gift For You – Expect More From 2016

A few days ago I asked you: What Change Have You Made In Your Life This Year?

Today I want to give you some further inspiration for 2016 – the latest edition of the e-book Expect More From 2016 – Strategies for Success from 22 Leading Experts in Personal and Professional Development.

Every year Gihan Perera brings together a group of experts and invites them to write an article that may inspire people in the new year. It has been my privilege to be involved now over many years.

This year my article is : Be An Empowered Leader – Even If You Are Not The Boss.

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Creating Your Personal Brand Is A Top Priority

We are recognising today that who we are is becoming as important as what we do or what we sell. Building a personal brand, what Tom Peters called “the brand called You”, needs to be a priority for all of us who want to make a difference and influence for good. When our name is mentioned, what do we want people to say about us? What do we want our name to trigger in their consciousness?

Is it clear what we stand for? Have we become a key person of influence in our industry or professional sector?

How well-developed is our personal brand? Make it a top priority to build your personal brand this year.

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Six Actions For Change in New Year 2015

Are you one of those people who has no trouble seeing the New Year in with enthusiasm and energy? Everything about you suggests that you are full of excitement for the year ahead. You wake up the next day, however, a lot less enthusiastic. You decide to skip the new year resolutions. What’s the use of setting goals, that history has taught, you never keep for more than a few weeks. Life becomes tedious and gets in the way of your hopes, dreams and aspirations. Struggle becomes your middle name. A few days later you go back to work, even less excited. The New Year has begun and you are already in glass-half-empty mode.

It doesn’t have to be that way. You can change the way you approach this new year. You can make it a year where you begin to create the personal and professional life you really want. Let me help you re-write your story with six actions you can take to change your life in 2015.

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