Kaileigh Fryer – A Gen Y Story To Inspire and Motivate Us.

How often do we critique Gen Y for not being more like we are – we being the Baby Boomers? How often do we hold the critique inside us, but fear the direction they are taking their lives? How often do we have those deep and meaningful, all well-intended, conversations with our friends about their decision-making?

Lots of times. And in my professional development workshops, concerns about the attitudes, behaviour and mindsets of Gen Y are a constant source of discussion and comment with leaders and managers – again usually Baby Boomers.

How little faith we have in these young people we have created? How little ability we have to get out of our own way and see them through their eyes, see what motivates and inspires them? How easily we have forgotten what it was like to be their age? And why do we find it so difficult to understand that the world that we grew up in is not the world they are living in?

Out there are hundreds of Gen Ys doing amazing and inspiring things. Kaileigh Fryer was one of those.

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Manage Your Energy, Your Time Will Take Care of Itself

Your are living in a 24/7 hyper-connected, high pressure and stressful world. It’s going faster every year. You produce more information now in a week than you once did in a year. You have tens of thousands of thoughts bombarding your mind every day.

You carry in your pocket what you call your phone, but it’s really your 24/7 office that sees you accessible every moment of the day and night. This tiny office has more computing power than the spaceship that put a man on the moon.

The noise of this hyper-linked reality of technological connection, interaction and availability bombards you with ideas and choices and has the potential to lead to overload and loss of productivity and efficiency when, in fact, it was supposed to do the opposite.

How do you live and work productively and creatively in that reality? How do you manage the chaos?

You manage your energy and that super-charges you to manage everything else.

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