Write a book, Become An Author With Gihan Perera.

Are you one of those many people who has always wanted to write a book, to become an author? You know you have a book in you, maybe two or three even, but you are daunted by the prospect. Maybe you even doubt your ability to write it, let alone know how to publish and print it.

A colleague of mine, Gihan Perera, has come up with the answer for you with Business Book In a Box. He will interview you, drawing out your expertise, record the interviews and turn them into a publish book which will arrive on your doorstep 90 days later.

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Consistency Is More Important For Success Than Motivation.

Every now and then someone says something very simple that we actually know but it hasn’t really registered for us. Have you ever had that experience? I have many times.

Yesterday was one of those occasions when I came across an article by personal trainer, Michelle Bridges. She constantly gets asked questions about exercise, health and well-being. One that makes her “want to tear my hair out”, she says, is: “So tell me Michelle, how do you stay motivated?”
She says that achieving success in your life is not about motivation. It is about consistency.
If you have already determined that some action is important for you and your success, then don’t have an endless discussion with yourself about it whenever it is time to do it. JUST DO IT!

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