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Top Headhunter Says CEOs Have To Unlearn How They Have Operated

Finding top CEOs for organisations around the world is the challenging task faced every day by Rajeev Vasudeva, global CEO of leading headhunting company, Egon Zehnder. It’s challenging, he says, because no longer is past performance the best predictor of future success. The task of leadership is changing so rapidly.
In an interview with Anne Hyland in The Financial Review, 28-29 March, 2015, he says that while leadership is the most discussed topic today there is no clear answer to what makes a good leader.
He uses four markers in selecting CEOs, and many of us may be surprised at these – curiosity, insight, engagement, resilience.
But he also says that CEOs have to unlearn much of how they previously operated that if they want to remain in their positions achieving success, because “what got you here is unlikely to keep you here or get you further.”

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How NBN and Bernard Salt Want To Future-Proof Your Job

None of us need to be reminded that we are living and working in a period of rapid change. Being able to move with that change in a responsive way is exceedingly challenging. What is even more challenging, however, is the uncertain and unpredictable nature of that change.

That’s what makes a new report, released on Monday, 7th September, so important. “Super Connected Jobs : Understanding Australia’s Future Workforce” was commissioned by Australia’s National Broadband Network (NBN) and written by KPMG Demographer, Bernard Salt. While it highlights the dramatic changes and transformations that have taken place in the Australian workforce in the first 15 years of this 21st century, more importantly, it predicts the even greater changes that will occur in the next decade to 2025. For those who want to future-proof their jobs, this is mandatory reading. Salt demonstrates strongly in the report that new technology and new ways of accessing that technology, largely driven by the roll out of the NBN, will change how Australians work, where they work and what kind of work they do.

He highlights 5 clusters of jobs that will be most in demand in the future.

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What To Do When Your Career Stalls!

Are you one of those many people I’m talking with today who feel your career has stalled? You believe you are doing a good job. In fact, your manager has told you so. Everyone seems to be happy with what you are doing, but you are missing out on all the promotions and opportunities that have presented themselves. You are frustrated, bewildered and often even find yourself struggling to contain anger. One part of you wonders what else you need to do to move on and up. The other part, you reveal to me, is that you fear you will be stuck where you are for the rest of your working life!
Learn the skills to break the nexus and how to apply them to create your own opportunities.
Be a leader, act like a leader, even if you don’t have the role or the title. You will imprint yourself in the consciousness of those who have the power to give you the next leadership role.

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The Empowered Leader Knows Small Hinges Swing Big Doors

Whenever we are challenged, face a crisis, or are confronted with a problem, so often we immediately start thinking about the bigness of the required response.
We start thinking about how much money this is going to cost us to right it, or the enormous amount of time it will take to fix it, or how many months (or even years!) it will be before things get back to normal.
Rarely do we think small: What can I do right now to make a difference here? What small thing can I do that will bring about even a small change here?
It’s the empowered leader who knows that small hinges swing big doors and looks for the small hinges in his company that will bring about the big change in the culture of his organisation.

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