Procrastination? An Emotional, not a Time Management Issue.

Procrastination is usually identified as a time management problem, but recent research from Stockholm University has shown it to be an emotional strategy for managing stress. For many it is a chronic problem. It causes them immense stress and mental anguish. It keeps them awake at night. It overwhelms them with a sense of powerlessness and hopelessness. It can even trigger depression. In other words, it causes significant emotional stress and it is at this level, it needs to be addressed..

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Women’s Leadership Styles – We Need To Rework Them!

It has always been assumed that women have much more highly developed Soft Skills than men. This is a stereotyped position, but it is probably true that up until recent times, society has been much more accepting of women leaders openly demonstrating their Soft Skills than it has been about male leaders doing the same thing. In other words, it’s been a strength for women, but a weakness in men. It can, however, work against women and if we are not very conscious of the “games” that are played in the workplace, those skills we value and espouse as women leaders can actually work against us. Women’s leadership styles need to be reworked.

However it is important that in the reworking of those leadership styles we hold on to what sets our leadership apart – inclusiveness, empathy, lack of ego, commitment to our teams, consensus in decision-making, collaboration with our people, willingness to listen. We need to re-turn these qualities to strengths and articulate them loudly and increase our visibility as we lead from that position of strength.

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