Do You Need A Triple Shot Of Caffeine To Start Your Day?

If your answer is “Yes”, this blog is for you because if you become a “morning person” you won’t need it to start your day. I can hear some people reading this already crying out: I am not a morning person! I’ll never be a morning person!

If you start your day, with time to have a good breakfast, shower, get dressed and get to work on time, AND you feel energised to face the day, AND you feel you are achieving the goals you have set for yourself, then you don’t need to read this. You are well on track to being the best version of yourself.

BUT, if your mornings are rushed and stressful, you don’t get time to have breakfast, you get to work tired, it takes you half an hour to get down to work even with that triple shot of caffeine you bought on the way, and you never seem to achieve much in the day even though you have your head down all day, and that 3.30 p.m. feeling is hard to push through……….YOU NEED TO CHANGE SOMETHING!

And becoming a morning person is the way to do it. Here is a strategy for making it happen.

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