Engage Your Employees For High Performance

The ability to engage your employees for high performance sees you become a highly sought leader. With only 24% of Australian employees engaged, 60% neutral (just there but not engaged) and 16% disengaged, it is not surprising that the lack of productivity in Australia costs $42 billion a year. Why is this so? Your employees often can’t see, do not know, what value they are contributing, what difference they are making to your organisation. They come to work, do what they need to ensure they keep their jobs, but leave, in the car park, their hearts and minds, that part of them that has the potential to bring so much innovation, empowerment and high performance to your organisation. 70% of employee engagement in an organisation is dependent on managers, yet 44% managers have said they do not know what motivates their employees. So is it any wonder that employees are not engaged.

Here are 9 actions that you can take to motivate and inspire engagement in your organisation.

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Are Your Limiting Beliefs Sabotaging Your Career?

Every time you suppress some part of yourself or allow others to play you small,
you are in essence ignoring the owner’s manual your creator gave you
and destroying your design.
– Oprah Winfrey
These words really resonate with me because I believe that each of you is unique, created one of a kind, with so much potential waiting to be unpacked and explored. This is why you are here on this earth – to become truly who you are meant to be. This applies equally to your professional life.

Yet many of you suppress parts of yourselves, too frightened to take the risks that will see you shine. You take on board and believe those who play you small and keep you in your place. As a result you develop loads of limiting beliefs about yourselves that see you drive through life with your foot on the brake.

This blog is a motivational challenge to you to reflect on what your limiting beliefs are and break through to an empowered, pro-active You.

What is stopping you from reaching and living your potential?

Or should it be: Who is stopping you reaching your potential?

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