Are Interruptions At Work The Bane Of Your Life?

Interruptions at work are the bane of people’s lives and they see them as one of the greatest challenges to them effectively managing their time. This is why an article by Doug Conant that I’ve linked to here is so important and helpful – Why Leaders Should Embrace Interruptions. As a top CEO of large companies Doug, himself, had experienced this as a major problem and rather than let it continue to be a problem, he reflected on how he could turn it into a positive. He explains how he has done this in this article referred to here and in his book “TouchPoints”.

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Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time

Discovering the work of Tony Schwartz about 7 years ago via a Harvard Business Review article, Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time, had a profound impact on me and the way I think about time management.

Tony is the President and Founder of The Energy Project, a global “consulting and training company that provides organisations with a detailed roadmap for building and sustaining a fully energised workforce”. He says that they help “leaders and managers become ‘Chief Energy Officers’ by taking responsibility for mobilising, focusing, inspiring, and regularly renewing the energy of those they lead.”
One of the key points Schwartz makes is that while time is “a finite resource”, after all there is only 24 hours in a day, energy is not. You can expand, recharge, renew, develop and enhance your energy. You can learn ways to do that. You can stop doing the things that drain your energy for starters and use that time to do the energising work that empowers you. Have you noticed how high energy people never seem to be stressed or overwhelmed? They always seem to have time for what they deem to be important to them.

In his article Managing Your Energy, Not Your Time, Schwartz gives a number of practical examples of how he has developed these energy management skills in organisations that make it quite clear that managing your energy can really result in much higher performance.

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