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Archive for November 2016

What Do You Do If You Are Stuck On The Career Ladder?

Do you feel stuck on the career ladder? Do you feel you are going nowhere fast?
You are ambitious. You want your career to move on and up. You want fulfilment and challenge in your work. You also want to enhance and expand your skills by being given new opportunities and promotions. Yet it is not happening.
So what do you do? Do you go back to university and get some more qualifications? Do you move to another organisation? Do you change careers?
Sometimes none of those are possible and you have to stay where you are, so how do you do that and stay engaged, empowered, productive and grow your career in such an environment? Here are 14 key actions for doing just that and moving your career on and up.

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Don’t Burn Bridges Behind You: Exiting Your Job Gracefully

I have had three clients recently who’ve come for some mentoring because they were feeling jaded in their jobs. All were well-regarded by their organisations and as far as I could see all doing a good job. They all felt, however, that they were losing their passion for what they were doing. They weren’t challenged and they could feel themselves beginning to disengage. They felt it was time to move on but had some fear about telling their managers. Yet they also felt that if they stayed, they would become quite resentful and even angry. We talked about how they could exit gracefully and not burn their bridges behind them. I thought I’d put some of the ideas together that I talked about with these 3 clients.

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The Soft Skills Disconnect in Professional Development

Soft skills are those all important skills that are now essential to your career and leadership development. They are the skills that focus on the development of your personality, attitudes, behaviour and mindsets. When people come to a soft skills workshop, I assume that they want to learn skills to bring about that development. There is, however, a big disconnect here because so many want tips and strategies on how to make people do what they want them to do. Change my situation and the people around me. Give me some tips as to how I can do it, but don’t change me.
It doesn’t work that way. If you want to develop and enhance your soft skills, you need to work on yourself. You need to be absolutely committed to becoming the best version of yourself.

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5 Skills To Empower Leaders for An Uncertain Future

Leadership is such a contested concept. There are all kinds of theories, ideas and beliefs about what makes a great leader. When I went on to Google and typed in What is Leadership, in 33 seconds, Google threw up 464 million entries. Yet there are 5 key skills that will empower leaders to manage whatever challenges they face in leading their teams and organisations into this uncertain future. They are self-awareness, resilience, pro-activity, resilience and work/life integration. They will enhance leaders’ self-leadership. They are what we call the soft skills for leadership that are now seen to be an essential complement to the technical skills of our profession or industry sector.

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How Do I Know I Am Stressed At Work?

Recognising you are stressed at work is often very difficult until you actually have obvious symptoms. Even then you attribute the symptoms to something else and don’t do anything to change your situation and therefore reduce the stress. So what happens is that it builds up gradually (while you’re trying to push through your life, or go around it!) and you don’t realise you are stressed until it has such a hold on you that you are almost incapable of doing anything about it. This blog will help you identify the symptoms of stress and give you 5 actions you can take to manage it and so lessen its impact and recharge yourself for the future.

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