Guest Post – Recruitment Skills Leaders Need

Recruit the Right People

This guest post by Jacqui Edge, recruitment consultant, follows an interview I did with her on how leaders can recruit the right people for the right positions in their organisations and why this is so important. I asked Jacqui to outline for you, my readers, a process that needs to be followed to achieve that. Jacqui highlights and develops out the 4 steps leaders need to go through. 1. Define the roles, skills and experience you need. 2. Develop a campaign to attract talent. 3. Determine the right fit for you, your business and your team. 4. Set up your team for success. And if you find that daunting, engage a recruitment consultant to help you.

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Leading Through Uncertainty in COVID-19 Times

Leading through Uncertainty

Leading through uncertainty is the challenge of our times for leaders. It’s times like this that we all look to our leaders to restore certainty, to bring back equilibrium, stability and normality. We see their role as seeking out the facts, discovering the truth and taking action to make things happen. But that was before COVID-19 imposed itself upon us.

Because of the threat to many parts of our lives, especially our health, leaders have had to make decisions quickly and more often than not the information they needed to make those decisions was not there. They have had to act with the most current information and facts at hand only to discover later that there was information and facts they didn’t have at the time. If they had had them they would have made a different decision. They have then found themselves having to say something like: “In retrospect I would have made a different decision” or “In retrospect I could have handled this differently.”

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How to Recruit the Right People for the Right Positions – Audio

Good To Great

A significant part of my work involves helping leaders and managers develop and enhance the performance of their people. When they have a team that is engaged, committed and intrinsically motivated they can do great things together. The challenge, however, is to build such a team. The crucial first step is to recruit the right people for the right positions.

Jim Collins made a strong point of this in his classic, all time, bestseller book, “Good to Great”. While it was written in 2001, these comments he made have resonated with so many leaders ever since and have been constantly quoted. He said that the first thing great leaders do is get the right people on the bus (and the wrong people off the bus), and then get those right people in the right seats. Those leaders together with their people, he said, will move their organisations from being good organisations to being great ones.

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