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I have been asked recently to conduct a workshop for an organisation on How to Beat Overwhelm. It rolls in over the top of so many people in the workforce – professionals, small business owners, construction workers and other tradies, CEOs and executives and all those workers in all those organisations called on to do more with less.

To those who feel overwhelmed, there seems to be no way out, other than to resign and for most leaving their job without another to go to is not an option. Any way, are there any jobs today where overwhelm is not a pervading presence? Probably not, but it is possible to learn ways to manage, even beat, overwhelm and feel productive and in charge of your life at work.

I remembered that back some years ago I produced a 12 minute podcast on How To Beat Overwhelm. I went back and listened to it. I think it still has value so I’m including the link to it below. You might like to listen to it right through the first time, but then I encourage you to find another half hour to go back and listen a second time, with a notepad and pen on hand, because I give you some exercises to do during the podcast. These are exercises about how to manage your overwhelm.


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