Creating Your Personal Brand Is A Top Priority

By Maree Harris, Ph.D. | Jan 3, 2015 |

We are recognising today that who we are is becoming as important as what we do or what we sell. Building a personal brand, what Tom Peters called “the brand called You”, needs to be a priority for all of us who want to make a difference and influence for good. When our name is mentioned, what do we want people to say about us? What do we want our name to trigger in their consciousness?

Is it clear what we stand for? Have we become a key person of influence in our industry or professional sector?

How well-developed is our personal brand? Make it a top priority to build your personal brand this year.

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Six Actions For Change in New Year 2015

By Maree Harris, Ph.D. | Jan 1, 2015 |

Are you one of those people who has no trouble seeing the New Year in with enthusiasm and energy? Everything about you suggests that you are full of excitement for the year ahead. You wake up the next day, however, a lot less enthusiastic. You decide to skip the new year resolutions. What’s the use of setting goals, that history has taught, you never keep for more than a few weeks. Life becomes tedious and gets in the way of your hopes, dreams and aspirations. Struggle becomes your middle name. A few days later you go back to work, even less excited. The New Year has begun and you are already in glass-half-empty mode.

It doesn’t have to be that way. You can change the way you approach this new year. You can make it a year where you begin to create the personal and professional life you really want. Let me help you re-write your story with six actions you can take to change your life in 2015.

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