Lead From Within
Leadership Development Program

Lead From Within

Signature Leadership Development Program

Leaders today are faced with much disruption in their professional and industry sectors, with exponential change and the unpredictability and uncertainty that accompanies that.

Much of what worked in the past for them, no longer does. In fact, they often have to do as much "unlearning" as they do learning.

Maree believes that if leaders want to lead confidently in this environment, they need to make self-leadership their foundational and first priority.

This is about them making a commitment to developing and enhancing their personality, behaviour, attitudes and mindsets so they can use their highly developed personal qualities to  "lead from within", to shape their leadership.

The Lead From Within Program is a very interactive program, depending on the full engagement of participants for its success. It focuses on seven self-leadership skills leaders need today.

  • Self-Awareness

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Resilience

  • Pro-Activity

  • Managing Energy Rather Than Time

  • Integrating and Bringing Flow to Work and Life

  • Being a Connector

This is the program that takes leaders from what they need to DO, to who they need to BE, in this challenging new world.

Lead From Within Brochure


This 20 page, full colour, booklet is an outline of the program and the various ways you can engage with it.

It also explains the way Maree will interact with you in planning, delivering and following up to make the program work for you and/or your organisation.

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