What Now After the Death of the Annual Performance Appraisal?

having performance conversations

Many organisations are not aware of the death of the annual performance appraisal. The main reason is that it no longer, if it ever did, produces the outcomes it sets for itself. There are still too many organisations using them to develop, enhance and assess the performance of their people. There is an alternative, moving from Performance Management to Performance Leadership. This is a move to on-going daily or weekly performance conversations that give feedback on the spot or certainly on a very regular basis, rather than the retrospective feedback that comes with an annual appraisal.

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Are Limiting Beliefs Sabotaging Your Career Development?

Limiting Bweliefs sabotaging career development

So many of the people that come to me are suppressing some part of themselves and letting their limiting beliefs sabotage their career development. As a fee for service mentor, the people I see are highly motivated and prepared to invest in themselves financially, and invest their time and energy. At the outset they don’t realise that they are the only thing holding back the best version of themselves. So stop and refelct. What is stopping you from achieving your career goals? What are your limiting beliefs that you either aren’t aware of, or if you are can’t find a way to way break through them?

Or should it be: Who is stopping you achieving your career goals? Who is standing in your way, giving you negative messages, or creating barriers that you are unable to break through? Mentors can help you breakthrough these roadblocks and have the career you want.

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Mentoring A Low Performer Can Help Her Achieve Her Goal.

Mentoring a Low Performer

There are some universal themes and issues that keep coming up over and over in the work I do. Mentoring the low performer is one of these. It creates anxiety and fear into the heart of every leader and manager who feels they need to do it. But it doesn’t have to be that way as Mike’s experience shows.

This was a mentoring experience I had a number of years ago and last week (and many times in between)  I had almost the exact experience again so I recovered this post and revised it, knowing that it could be valuable for so many leaders and managers facing this situation.
In my workshops, I always offer the participants the opportunity to contact me after the workshop by email if they have any questions or want to discuss anything from the workshop.
This email I had from Mike was one of those situations. Both Mike (not his real name) and his employee have allowed me to tell this story and use it as a learning experience for others.
Rather than follow up by email, I actually phoned Mike to talk about this and made some suggestions for how he could handle it and about 12 months later when our paths crossed he gave me some feedback on what happened. I thought it was a good case study to present here.

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