Focus on Strengths, If You Want To Enhance Someone’s Performance.

focus on strengths

Make it a priority to focus on strengths with all the people you interact with.
Acknowledge their strengths. Draw their attention to them.
Challenge them to use their strengths to achieve their goals, to be successful.
Follow them up next week, and next month. Continue to encourage and support them.
It’s their strengths that help them to manage, overcome or counterbalance their weaknesses, what challenges them.
If the focus is always on their inadequacies, what is wrong with them, what they need to change and improve, many give up. They do not know how to do it. They do not recognise they have the resources within – strengths – to do it. So focus on strengths, not weaknesses.
Be the catalyst to help them recognise their untapped talents and potential.
 Be the person to change their life.

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Emotional Bank Accounts Enhance Employee Engagement.

Engaged employees

We would all like to have our employees highly engaged in our organisations. wouldn’t we? It happens in few, however. The level of disengagement globally is very high. According to highly regarded Gallup, only 13% of employees are engaged worldwide. That means that a staggering 87% are not engaged. In Australia alone the lack of productivity in businesses costs $42 billion per year, in large part due to these poor employee engagement levels.
The research revealed that most employees do not feel valued and appreciated at work by their managers or their organisations. Red Balloon found that 78% employees would work harder if their efforts were recognised and appreciated. 82% reported being recognised actually motivated them in their jobs.

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How We Can Be Healthy, High Energy Professionals In 2017.

People are worried about what they eat between Christmas and New Year but they really should be worried about what they eat between New Year and Christmas. an unknown author reminded us. We make so many resolutions about being healthy and eating well in the new year and then watch ourselves break those promises to ourselves. We become overwhelmed at work and eat and drink to , telling ourselves it’s a good way to relieve the stress. It isn’t. If we want to be high energy, high performing professionals we need to put into the engine that is our body the right food and drink that will empower us to do what is important to us and that will fire our success.

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How To Make Goal Setting Work For You.

I have read blogs and articles over recent weeks from people saying they have given up on setting goals because they never keep them anyway. I was reminded then of a comment someone made: “In the absence of clear goals, we become strangely loyal to performing daily acts of trivia.”

I do set goals. I don’t always keep them but if I abandon them I do so for a conscious reason, often because I have realised they are no longer relevant to what I want or where I want to go.

While goal-setting is important to me, I do know that space where I lose focus and direction, where I become distracted by “stuff” that really is not important and so become victim to performing “daily acts of trivia”. What’s now different for me is that I regularly review my goals and that gets me back on track quickly.
Most of the people I am reading about, and those I talk with as a coach or mentor, abandon their goals because “life” gets in the way – albeit often “life” that is urgent but unimportant. Or alternatively they abandon them because it all becomes too hard – the self-discipline, the persistence, the required resilience and the commitment.
Read on to hear about 5 keys to making goal setting work for you.

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A Gift For You – Expect More From 2016.

In my blog post on New Year’s Eve, I asked you What Change Have You Made In Your Life This Year?

I also left you with some questions to reflect on as you begin the new year.

Today I want to give you some further inspiration for 2016 – the latest edition of the e-book Expect More From 2016 – Strategies for Success from 22 Leading Experts in Personal and Professional Development.
Every year Gihan Perera brings together a group of experts and invites them to write an article that may inspire people in the new year. It has been my privilege to be involved now over many years.

This year my article is : Be An Empowered Leader – Even If You Are Not The Boss.

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Happy New Year! Colour Your Life in 2016!

We will open the book.
Its pages are blank.
We are going to put words on them ourselves.
The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter
is called New Year’s Day.

– Edith Lovejoy Pierce (20th Century American poet).

What words are you going to write on the pages of the book of your life in 2016?

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Dig Deep And Discover Your Hidden Talent

My daughter had discovered that the only way to get some exercise with 2 young children was to put an exercise video on the TV and get her 4 year old to exercise with her while the younger child slept. While only 4 years old, she stayed with the program for a whole half hour until she heard Michelle Bridges say she wanted her participants to “dig deep for this last 10 minutes”. At this she grabbed her mother’s hand and pulled her to the door: “Mum,” she said, “we have to go and dig.”

She’s was only 4 years old and didn’t understand what Michelle Bridges meant when she asked them to “dig deep”, that she wanted the participants in her program to “dig” right down into the bottom of themselves and draw on every resource within themselves. She wanted them to push past their pain and tiredness to discover an energy and resilience they never knew they had to do this last exercise – even though she had worked them very hard already and they were very tired. It’s the people who can do that when they exercise that achieve the best results.

Thinking about this I wondered how many of you reading this would know what I mean when I tell you that if you want to achieve success in what you do, you have to learn how to ”dig deep”.

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Do You Need A Triple Shot Of Caffeine To Start Your Day?

If your answer is “Yes”, this blog is for you because if you become a “morning person” you won’t need it to start your day. I can hear some people reading this already crying out: I am not a morning person! I’ll never be a morning person!

If you start your day, with time to have a good breakfast, shower, get dressed and get to work on time, AND you feel energised to face the day, AND you feel you are achieving the goals you have set for yourself, then you don’t need to read this. You are well on track to being the best version of yourself.

BUT, if your mornings are rushed and stressful, you don’t get time to have breakfast, you get to work tired, it takes you half an hour to get down to work even with that triple shot of caffeine you bought on the way, and you never seem to achieve much in the day even though you have your head down all day, and that 3.30 p.m. feeling is hard to push through……….YOU NEED TO CHANGE SOMETHING!

And becoming a morning person is the way to do it. Here is a strategy for making it happen.

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Developing Internal Consultants in Our Organisations.

We all know what consultants are. They come into organisations to provide advice and information on a wide range of issues affecting the growth and development of the organisation. Sometimes they are then engaged to also act on that information and affect the change that the consultation has recommended.

But what are “internal consultants” you may well be asking?

These are the people who work in your organisation who have either accumulated or are currently developing experience and/or expertise in areas that impact the growth and development of the organisation.

Often this experience and expertise is not recognised at the top and its value to the organisation is not obvious. It often becomes obvious when particular people resign or retire, taking that invisible expertise with them. What was taken for granted is then sorely missed.

There may not be a forum in the organisation for the expertise of your “internal consultants” to be shared or be made known. CEOs are far more ready to put out large sums of money to bring in “external consultants” to advise on issues and make recommendations when there is often a wealth of expertise within the organisation that has not been drawn upon.

One of the best ways of engaging people in the organisation is to use them as “internal consultants”. It’s a way to value their opinions and ideas and to let them know that you want to meet their needs and aspirations, and to let them know they can make a difference to the organisation.

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Kaileigh Fryer – A Gen Y Story To Inspire and Motivate Us.

How often do we critique Gen Y for not being more like we are – we being the Baby Boomers? How often do we hold the critique inside us, but fear the direction they are taking their lives? How often do we have those deep and meaningful, all well-intended, conversations with our friends about their decision-making?

Lots of times. And in my professional development workshops, concerns about the attitudes, behaviour and mindsets of Gen Y are a constant source of discussion and comment with leaders and managers – again usually Baby Boomers.

How little faith we have in these young people we have created? How little ability we have to get out of our own way and see them through their eyes, see what motivates and inspires them? How easily we have forgotten what it was like to be their age? And why do we find it so difficult to understand that the world that we grew up in is not the world they are living in?

Out there are hundreds of Gen Ys doing amazing and inspiring things. Kaileigh Fryer was one of those.

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