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Be The Coach, Not The Critic – How To Motivate For High Performance.

What better recent example do we have of how to coach for high performance than that of Luke Beveridge who took the Western Bulldogs, in 2 years, to an AFL Grand Final winning from an unprecedented 7th position on the ladder.

In fact when we look for examples of sustained high performance, some of the best are found in our elite athletes. But they did not get there on their own. They were coached, mentored, inspired and motivated by male and female leaders who were able to bring out the very best in them.

On March 30, 2017, I am conducting two workshops in Bendigo and Shepparton on how you, as a manager, can do the same for your employees. It’s about how you can coach them in a way that motivates and inspires their intrinsic motivation, so that they want to bring 150% of themselves to work and work WITH you, not just FOR you.

The traditional way of driving performance has been by giving feed-back that critiques their contribution and more often than not de-motivates, dis-empowers and as a consequence drives dis-engagement instead.

This workshop will introduce you to the skills you need to be able to coach your employees to be high performers. It will help you to make the move from managing the performance of your people, to leading it.

So if you have employees who are disengaged and disenchanted, who bring their bodies to work but leave their hearts and minds in the car park, this workshop is for you. It is ideally suited to anyone in a leadership or management position who has employees reporting to them. It would also be valuable for aspiring leaders.

So if you have colleagues in Bendigo or Shepparton, please forward them this link so that they can book – – or forward details below.

Details of Workshop here.

If you are a manager or aspiring manager. you are invited to workshops

I am conducting in Bendigo  and Shepparton for CPA Australia, 

on  Thursday, March 30, 2017

Shepparton – 7.45 – 10 a.m. Contact Paul Evans on 0408 512 575

Bendigo – 12.30 – 2.30 p.m. Contact Jason Kharoofa on 0488 035 014

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