Dig Deep And Discover Your Hidden Talent

Professional advisor having a discussion with a customerMy daughter had discovered that the only way to get some exercise with 2 young children was  to put an exercise video on the TV and get her  4 year old to exercise with her while the younger child slept.  While only 4 years old, she stayed with the program for a whole half hour until she heard Michelle Bridges say she wanted her participants to “dig deep for this last 10 minutes”. At this she grabbed her mother’s hand and pulled her to the door:  “Mum,”  she said, “we have to go and dig.”

She’s was only 4 years old and didn’t understand what Michelle Bridges meant when she asked them to “dig deep”, that she wanted the participants in her program to “dig” right down into the bottom of themselves and draw on every resource within themselves. She wanted them to push past their pain and tiredness to discover an energy and resilience they never knew they had to do this last exercise – even though  she had worked them very hard already and they were very tired. It’s the people who can do that when they exercise that achieve the best results.

If You Want To Achieve Success In What You Do,

You Have To Learn How To Dig Deep And Discover Your Hidden Talent.

Thinking about this I wondered how many of you reading this would know what I mean when I tell you that if you want to achieve success in what you do, you have to learn how to ”dig deep”.

Digging is about going below the surface. It’s about turning the soil over. It’s often about sifting out stones and rocks and other rubbish while we dig. It’s hard work and we often have to take rest breaks because we can’t do the whole job all at once.

Why do we dig? We dig to find something. We dig to fix something . We dig to plant something that will grow to be beautiful. We dig to build foundations. We dig just to turn over the soil so that it doesn’t compact.  We can then add compost and fertiliser to it which makes whatever we grow there be super healthy.

Most of us are living and working above the surface,

using only 10-15% of our potential

That’s exactly what you have to do to achieve success in both your personal and professional life. Most of you are living and working above the surface, using only 10-15% of your potential. Below the surface is the other 85-90% of undiscovered potential, hidden talent. Why aren’t you going there, digging deep within yourself to discover the  richness there that would enhance your life? Why not? Because it is hard work. It is difficult. You are not sure what you might discover there. It may be confronting. It may be frightening. You may have to sort through some stones and rocks. You may have to fix some things and that could be time consuming.   But, it may also be exciting. It may change your life. It may help you be more than you ever thought possible. It may uncover talents and abilities you never knew you even had.  It may open up new insights to you that trigger new opportunities.

So How To You Dig Deep? You Get A Coach Or Mentor.

This is where coaches and mentors can enhance your life. They have the talents and abilities to take you where you have not been able to go yourself. They walk with you down roads you feared to tread. They take your hand if the path becomes rough. They encourage you to take the road less travelled. They take you into the rooms of your life and open the doors that you feared to open yourself and they walk through them with you and help you explore them. They help you to dig deep within yourself and see your life with new eyes, to discover a meaning and purpose in it that previously you hadn’t recognised. They help you put it all together like pieces of a jigsaw, to create the best version of yourself,  one that will help you achieve everything you want for both your personal and professional life.

So dig deep in this new year. Get a mentor or coach to help you discover your hidden talent. Then be extraordinary.

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