About Dr Maree Harris

A catalyst for transformational change

Have you ever had that someone who believes in you even when you've lost that ability to believe in yourself? Have you ever had a mentor who was able to show you how to see your abilities that you couldn't see were with you all along? Maree is that person.


Maree's background as an educator, experience in counselling and psychotherapy, Ph.D study and her work coaching and mentoring has combined to give her an intuitive insightfulness into the interpersonal challenges professionals face in this ever changing environment.

A thought leader whose thinking is at the cutting edge of leadership development internationally Maree has the ability to present this thinking in ways her respective and differing audiences can understand and utilise to win their inner game and stand out in the crowd as leaders. 


Maree has the capacity to unlock the potential in people of which they are often unaware and helps them actuate it in the cause of their professional career development and making them extraordinary.

She creates empowering spaces where you can identify the interpersonal challenges that stand in the way of you becoming the leader you want to be both personally and professionally. 


Maree has a fundamental belief there's a leader in everyone and a life long commitment for being a catalyst for change and transformation in people's lives. Not momentary change but lasting transformational impact.

Working with Maree, you will discover insights that will empower you to take the transformative action that will see you step into the leader you need to be in this new and ever changing economy.


I passionately believe in empowerment and in creating dynamic spaces where people can empower themselves for the success they really want to achieve. My expertise is in inspiring and motivating people to be the best version of themselves and I want to be remembered as someone who empowers people to transform their lives and their organisations.

- Maree Harris

Qualifications and Experience

‘Lead From Within and Win Your Inner Game’ - Maree Harris


Maree completed a primary teachers’ training course upon leaving school, and 18 months later took up a post-graduate travelling scholarship to study overseas. Upon her return she went on to teach in the secondary, tertiary and adult education sectors. Later she did undergraduate study at Latrobe University. She followed that with a Degree in Social Work at the University of Melbourne where she was the top student in her final year in Practice with Individuals. She commenced her Masters there but transferred to RMIT and to a PhD where she drew together her extensive experience, writing a thesis on Being A Reflective Practitioner In An Age Of Uncertainty which received high praise from her examiners.
One examiner, Professor Bob Hodge, wrote: “This is a superb thesis, well written, highly original both in argument and conception, taking risks yet carrying them off. Its scope is such that most candidates would have supposed that they had to narrow it down to a single focused topic, but it is this scope which proves so exciting and illuminating, as it is developed in this thesis. I thank the candidate for providing so satisfying, thought-provoking and inquiring experience, and I congratulate her on her achievement.”


Maree's 18 years in her own counselling and psychotherapy practice gave her extensive understanding of the interpersonal challenges people face when dealing with change in their professional environment. In 2005 she opened People Empowered to focus on transforming people into empowered leaders through Soft Skills enhancement.


Having conducted hundreds of workshops customised to each individual audience, over 50 workshops alone for CPA, Maree understands what is needed to keep attendees engaged and learning for the entirety. She also has an innate ability to facilitate the expertise of the participants to make it available to the group learning, ensuring a truly interactive experience for all.


Committed, firm and genuinely caring is how people describe Maree. She carefully chooses the people she works with because she knows who she is able to give 150% of her knowledge, drive and ambition towards and she will work equally as hard as you do to ensure you succeed at achieving your goals and dreams.

Organisations Maree has worked with

This is just a small selection of the many organisations Maree has had the pleasure to work with over the years. Some can not be mentioned due to confidentiality.


What you can become by working with Maree

Maree brings to her engagement with you her experience and specialised knowledge of Change Leadership and Leading Digital Transformation.

She combines that with her expertise in engaging leaders like you in developing and enhancing the skills that technology cannot replicate or automate - your Self-Leadership and Soft Skills - so that you can confidently lead in these uncertain and unpredictable times.

  • The transformational leader

  • The highly sought after professional

  • The best version of yourself

  • The employer of choice

  • The organisation of high performers

  • The place of empowered employees

What Maree's Clients Have To Say

We approached Maree Harris of People Empowered to assist us with our Professional Development program. Maree was fantastic in working with us to develop a ‘soft skills’ program and was more than willing to customise sessions to meet our needs. She made sure she understood the profession and the challenges for developing less-technical aspects of the CPA’s role in a busy workplace. Her delivery style is very engaging and she uses examples that we can all relate to in our own working lives to demonstrate her point. Maree’s sessions have been a welcome addition to our Professional Development calendar!

CPA Australia

Geelong Branch

I have been to a few ‘Time Management’ workshops prior to Maree’s presentation. Utilising reference to associated research and a practical approach to professional aptitude, Maree’s presentation offered me an enormous opportunity to refocus my personal conduct and share practical tips with colleagues. I can confidently recommend Maree as a highly competent presenter on this important topic.

Peter Jeffery

Business Development Manager, City of Greater Bendigo

In my last three positions, spanning nearly twenty years, I have found Maree to be an invaluable source of support and advice. She has long been exceptionally adept at sorting out knotty personal and interpersonal issues for staff on an individual basis. The accumulation of her knowledge and experience in this field is just one of the reasons for her capability as an expert advisor at an organisational level.

Lynne McLennan

CEO, UFO Dispensaries, Ballarat

I am a firm believer that people come into your life when you need them most. Dr Maree Harris Ph.D, Australia’s leading soft skills specialist, has had an enormous influence on my life. At a time when I really needed some outside input, Maree launched a coaching group and selected people to participate in a pilot program. She took five people dissatisfied with their current career paths who were at their wits’ end. After much soul searching, brainstorming and guidance from each other, we left the program with direction in our lives and, more importantly, with a clear strategy. Maree has had an amazing influence on my career and life in general. Most immediately, however, after the program, I knew my days in accounting were over. I tentatively moved into marketing, initially helping accountancy firms with their marketing. Now I have a very successful business – B Well Connected -  where I assist a wide range of business owners to grow, expand or re-invent their businesses.

Belinda Lyle

B Well Connected, Geelong

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