Empower Yourself To Be Pro-Active.


Be The Change You Want To See In Your World

We all know reactive people who constantly complain about what “They” are not doing and should be doing.

“They” are the people out there who are responsible for everything that goes wrong in their lives. “They” are the people who should fix it all up – their CEOs, managers, partners, their politicians, their governments.

Ghandi says that instead of us wanting “They” to make the changes we want in our lives and our world, we BE that change.

This is exactly what proactive people do.

Proactive People Take Initiative:

  • They anticipate what needs to happen or be done and they do it without being asked or told.
  • They are change agents, always wanting to make a difference.
  • They don’t accept the status quo as a given. They always look for the  “more” in everything, for both themselves and others.
  • They believe the choice is between ACTING or being ACTED ON.
  • They are positive “Can Do” people. Everything is possible for them.
  • They have an expansive, abundance mindset.

Being Proactive was the 1st of Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

He reminds us, as well, that being proactive is about more than just taking initiative. It is about assuming responsibility, about what he calls our “response – ability”.

Proactive people are committed to developing their ability to respond to life and all it presents in a different way to reactive “They” people. Pro-active people give their time and energy to developing their “response-ability”.

Proactive People Also Take Responsibility For Their Professional, Business and Personal Lives:

  •  They do not blame circumstances or other people for what happens in their lives. They assume personal responsibility for it and for changing it.
  • They always look to themselves first for the answers. They are not afraid to look inside themselves and discover where they’ve fallen short.
  •  They do not stay there, however. Their ”response – ability” clicks in and they quickly work out what they need to do to create a new and different  outcome. They take action immediately.
  • They don’t look backwards, only forwards.
  • They motivate and inspire others to also be proactive.

So empower yourself to be positive and proactive because the outcome is exceptional success at whatever you do.

Reactive People Are On A Short Road To Nowhere.

  • They live their lives reacting to what happens to them.
  • They engage in “learned helplessness”. They don’t believe they can do  anything to change their lives.
  • They blame, complain, whinge and criticise but rarely take action to do anything about what is happening.
  • They always look outside themselves to find the reasons for what is happening in their lives.
  • They only do what they have to do to avoid negative consequences for themselves.
  • They have a language that in itself is reactive: “I can’t”; “If only…”; “I have to….”; “I must”; “You don’t understand”; “It’s all right for you”; “That’s great in theory”.
  • They are negative and pessimistic about life.
  • They play the role of victim.

As a result they rarely make a difference in their lives or in their world. They rarely achieve the success they believe they deserve.

There’s a book by Gallagher and Ventura titled “Who Are ‘They” Anyway?”. Here are some words of wisdom from that book.

The 10 most important words:

I won’t wait for others to take the first step.

The 9 most important words:

If it is to be, it’s up to me.

The 8 most important words:

If not me, who? If not now, when?

The 7 most important words:

Let me take a shot at it.

The 6 most important words:

I will not pass the buck.

The 5 most important words:

You can count on me.

The 4 most important words:

It IS my job!

The 3 most important words:

Just do it!

The 2 most important words:

I will.

The most important word:


So take action now, BE PRO-ACTIVE. Make your life everything you want it to be and in the process empower everyone who is part of your life to be the same.


  1. Brian Schultz on January 18, 2016 at 11:01 am

    Always enjoy looking through your information.
    Just a note to say that the 6 most important words missing in the article ‘Empower Yourself To Be Proactive’ are : I will not pass the buck.

    • Maree on January 18, 2016 at 3:48 pm

      Thanks Brian. I didn’t know what you were talking about. All fixed now.

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