Empowering Aspiring Leaders

Does this sound familiar?

You are living and working in a world that today is uncertain, challenging and complex. It is easy to become overwhelmed with a sense of powerlessness, a sense that you have lost control of your life. You can look into the future and not see how you can change anything. You wonder why you set goals because something or someone always intervenes to sabotage your efforts to achieve them.

You thought you knew what to do to get where you wanted to go, but it’s not happening. Finding new and creative ways of being and doing in this world of yours has become a significant challenge. You want what you do to be meaningful and have value. You want it to make a difference. 

You can do it! You can empower yourself for this new reality. You can discover the “new normal” within this uncertain and complex world and you can learn new and constructive ways to work and live within it, creating an empowered future for yourself.

What I want for the people I work with

I want you to believe that you can live your life to the full, that you can empower yourself to achieve everything you want to achieve both personally and professionally. I can’t empower you. Only you can do that for yourself. I can, however, facilitate and support you to do the following;

  • Discover opportunities

    There are opportunities everywhere that you don't currently realise are there. I can help you to recognise and discover those opportunities while improving your confidence to accept them when you do come across the ones that are going to take you where you want to go.

  • Break through barriers

    By showing you how to discover those special people and "spaces" in your world that empower you to believe in yourself you can break through the barriers that are limiting your potential and reach your ultimate goals.

  • Expand your current thinking

    Together through my leadership program I can work with you to expand your mind to think bigger than you've ever thought before and to create visions and goals that excite and motivate you to achieve them.

  • Be your best you

    As I facilitate and support you through my proven process you will begin to see who you truly are and not who you think you should be. You will find your own voice to be the best in your field. And you will find within yourself the inner resources you need to create the empowered future you want to reach your ultimate potential.

Young marketers having a brainstorming in a meeting room

The only thing holding back

The best version of yourself

Is the current one

- Maree Harris

Engage Maree to conduct an Empowered Employees workshop for you

Maree is an engaging presenter able to customise a workshop for Empowered Employees or you can choose from one of the workshops listed here:

Time management for busy professionals

You are living in a 24/7. High-pressure and stressful world where you carry your office in your pocket in the form of your smart phone. You are accessible every moment of every day. Managing time therefore becomes a major challenge. This workshop while acknowledging that time flies, will train you to be the pilot, to be in control of you.

Finding your voice: being the assertive woman leader

This is one of the many workshops Maree conducts around the challenges women face in aspiring to leadership. Many women have had the experience of not being heard in their organisations, not seeing their opinions and ideas being taken seriously. This workshop is about how women can turn this common experience around by finding their voice and becoming assertive.

Discussing ideas

The cool, calm and professional way to manage difficult people

Difficult people are an inevitable part of life and work. The good news is that only 20% of people are difficult. The bad news is that they take up 80% of our time and energy as we try to work with their personalities, moods and attitudes. This workshop will give you strategies for relating with them in a way that empowers you, rather than draining you dry.

Advancing your career in this new economy

If you want a career, not just a job, this workshop is for you. It will give you strategies and skills to help you develop and enhance your personal brand- The Brand Called You - and your professional identity. It will give you the skills to act like the leader you want to be so that you attract to you the opportunities that will see you move on and up in your career.

I know that those of you who chose to join with me here will achieve great things with someone backing you who believes in you, sometimes more than you believe in yourself. Let me be that person and together we really can achieve more than you ever thought possible.

- Maree Harris

What Maree's Clients Have To Say

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