Empowering Finance Professionals

Whether you are an accountant or a financial planner

The work you have done and the role you have played until now is being disrupted. Exponential change has created volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity that forces you to pro-actively respond to this challenge now or lose your place to someone else. You both have challenges to address specific to your profession. There are, however, also skills relevant to you both that will position you well to ride that wave of change and be empowered and empowering as you do so.

Empower Yourself With:

  • A personal brand both online and offline

    Who you are has become as important as the service you provide. Every touchpoint with your clients is an opportunity to build 'The Brand Called You' and remind them of what you stand for, what is important to you.

  • A point of difference in your profession

    Standing out from the crowd with a point of difference that others cannot duplicate, offering value that is uniquely yours that makes you indispensable to your clients and that they are prepared to pay you well for.

  • A reputation as a trusted advisor and authority

    Staying up to date with cutting edge thinking, keeping your clients at the centre of your work, being pro-active in your relationship with them, having them trust you because they know how much you care.

  • A well developed set of soft leadership skills

    A Well-Developed Set of Soft Leadership Skills that cannot be automated, that technology cannot replicate and that give you the professional edge in engaging and empowering your clients in these unpredictable times. 


You cannot stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf.

Jon Kabat-Zinn

You have everything
within yourself to

Turn your expectations
and dreams into reality.

Let me help you discover that


Engage Maree to conduct a workshop for you

Maree is an engaging presenter able to customise a workshop for finance professionals or you can choose from one of the workshops listed here:

Managing the emotional stress of clients

It’s the challenges that managing their finances pose for them that trigger a range of emotions in your clients. This workshop is about helping you develop the skills you need to manage your clients’ emotions in a way that empowers them to pro-actively handle their financial stress constructively.

Emotional intelligence - the career enhancing attribute

Once you were highly regarded for being the technical expert who brought objectivity and clarity to your clients’ financial lives. While that is still a very important role for you, you now have to also be able to engage subjectively with your clients, have soft leadership skills to connect with what is emotionally important to them. While your technical expertise will still get you your job, it will be your emotional “expertise” and intelligence that will see you advance in your career.


Becoming the highly successful professional

Once, having gained a professional qualification through university was enough to make you successful. That is no longer the case. As the traditional work of most professionals is disrupted and challenged from many directions, you have to take on more responsibility for shaping your professional identity. This workshop helps you do that.

How the successful professional manages an unrelenting workload

In this new fast moving, unpredictable economy, you juggle competing demands and conflicting priorities every day. This workshop takes the position that the answer does not lie in better time management strategies. Rather it is about helping you understand  and develop the more complex relationship between your workload and your power and capacity to meet its demands.

What Maree's Clients Have To Say

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