Empowering Leaders

Become the leader you were born to be

Leadership in this fast-paced and changing new economy is challenging. You think you know today how you want to take your organisation and your people forward, but that knowledge could well be disrupted by tomorrow by some circumstance or event totally outside your control.


You find yourself constantly having to unlearn what has previously served you well as you engage with this new normal.  Every day you find yourself on an unpredictable, uncertain and ambiguous road, having to make decisions about which way to go.


How do you lead your organisation and your people to achieve the outcomes you want in this new economy? 


The reality is that you have limited ability to control what is out there, but you have complete control over You. Developing and enhancing your self-leadership is where your strength will lie. You can transform yourself to be an Empowered Leader in this new normal environment. You can engage with me to discover and develop the soft skills you need for leadership.

The Empowered Leader's Journey

The transformation that is necessary to become the leader you were born to be requires an inner journey, a journey below the water line to discover, develop and enhance the enormous hidden potential you have there of which you are currently unaware and therefore cannot bring to your leadership. By walking that journey with Maree, you can share the road and share the experience. It will be challenging, yet extremely rewarding.

  • Your decisions will resonate

    Your decisions will feel right, will resonate with you and will see you adopting a new way of being and doing that relies not on some external model, framework or system , but on a highly developed self-awareness and self-leadership.

  • You will be in control

    You will no longer feel overwhelmed by every change that threatens from left field. You will experience an inner strength and resilience that empowers you to pro-actively respond to whatever presents itself.

  • You become an empowered leader

    As an Empowered Leader who has transformed yourself to lead in this new normal space of uncertainty, unpredictability, and exponential change, you are now also able to inspirationally lead your organisation and your people, not merely manage them.

young multi ethnic business people group walking standing and top view

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more,
and become more, you are a leader.

John Quincy Adams

I want to help leaders
to transform themselves

from the leaders they are

to the leaders they need to

be in this new economy

- Maree Harris

Leadership Development Programs

Maree believes that the two primary responsibilities of leaders are:

to lead and manage themselves,


to lead their people.

She has designed two programs to help leaders and aspiring leaders

learn to do that.

Maree also has a leadership program for finance professionals

who are highly skilled technically

but who want to develop and enhance the complementary soft skills

that will see them become the highly sought after professional.

Lead From Within Signature Leadership Development Program

Leading People

Lead Your People Empowered Leadership in Practice Program

What Maree's Clients Have To Say

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