Expect More From 2015 – A Gift For You.


This is for all you empowered, pro-active and glass-half-full people as you move into 2015. You are the people who have a mindset that automatically gears you up to EXPECT MORE FROM 2015. After all, why would you want to stay where you were in 2014 and be a photocopy of your 2014 self?

I have an e-book here to help you on your way, called Expect More From 2015.

Every year, Gihan Perera edits this book, inviting contributors. This year it contains 24 articles on strategies for success from 24 leading experts in personal and professional development. My article this year is titled “Take Your Foot Off The Brake In 2015.”

If you click the book below, you will be taken to the download page.


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