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Light Your Fuse

- Empower Yourself

You Are Like Sticks of Dynamite. The power is within, but it is not ignited until the fuse is lit.

Join My Group Mentoring Program for Women

and Discover How To Do It.

The Group Mentoring Program is for women who are already leaders but are challenged
by the obstacles that stand in the way of them advancing to the next level.

Commences on February 6,  2020.

Mentoring Experience

Becoming the empowered and empowering leader

This is an opportunity to experience in two hours what the group experience can give  you over six months

Monday, December 9, 2019,

Melbourne CBD (TBA)

9 am - 11.15 am

Workshop registration $99.00 incl GST



Women Leaders

The workshop fee will be deducted from the group mentoring fee if you proceed.

You are strongly encouraged to bring with you to this workshop the decision maker who will sign off on your registration for the mentoring. This is where they will assess the value of this mentoring to your career development within your organisation. Alternatively contact me and I will come and meet with you and your manager.

The workshop will be rich in content, exploring the context which both inhibits and enables the development of women into leadership.

You are welcome to attend the workshop even if you are unable to join the Group Mentoring Program.

Bookings for the Workshop

  • Pay by credit card via the booking form or phone through your details to Maree on 0408 351 631

  • Pay by direct deposit. Phone Maree for banking details

  • Pay by invoice. Download the booking form, scan and return by email and you will be invoiced. Your booking will be confirmed upon payment.

What will happen in the group mentoring program?

You will join a small group of 6-8 women who are already empowered but find that their leadership journey is ridden with twists and turns, roadblocks, detours, go slow signs and potholes.

This 6 month program will help you discover, enhance and act on the power within you to achieve the career you desire. It is about how you can become the empowered and empowering leader.

This Program will provide an empowering and confidential space for you to:

  • To share the challenges of your journey with a supportive group of women

  • To discover creative and pro-active ways to rise above those challenges

  • To learn strategies for confidently navigating the roadblocks you encounter in your career

  • To find your voice so you can negotiate for what you want

  • To gain insights into yourself and the limiting beliefs that stand in your way

  • To be inspired and motivated by the experiences of the other women in the group

For many years now I have been mentoring women and conducting workshops for them 
on the challenges they face in accelerating their careers.

There are universal and repetitive insights that come through.

  • Women love hearing what other women are experiencing

  • Women are highly motivated by what other women share

  • Women are empowered to action by discovering that so many other women feel the same way they do

Through it all, I have discovered that when women help other women
extraordinary and amazing things happen for them.

  • The group wil meet once a month as a group and in between there will be a half hour individual mentoring phone call

  • The first group meeting will be a half day session where each participant will have the opportunity to share her experience and what she wants from the group experience.

  • Fee - $3000.00 + GST up front. Early bird by Tuesday, December 31 - $2500 + GST
    OR $550.00 + GST month. Early bird $467 + GST. First payment made by Tuesday, December 31, 2019

What Maree's Clients Have To Say

I’ve had the pleasure of being mentored by Maree. I was initially referred through to Maree for consultative supervision, given the complexities of my work. However our working relationship naturally progressed into a mentoring role where Maree, intuitively and expertly, guided me through career development and leadership growth. Maree has helped me to identify and capitalise on leadership opportunities and has empowered me to break down the barriers, personally and professionally, that have held me back from realising my full potential. I feel more confident moving forward and I know that I can always look to Maree for ongoing support and guidance. She gets my highest recommendation.

Mandy Cohen

Complex Needs Coordinator at Department of Health & Human Services, Victoria.

As a Fellow of the Institute of Managers and Leaders I participated in the 2019 Mentoring Program and was fortunate to meet and work with Maree Harris, the Director of People Empowered. As a mentor, Maree has a wonderful capacity to truly listen and to identify core issues and ideas with precision. In addition to her breadth of knowledge – from leadership and energy management to wellbeing in the workplace - Maree generously imparts her insights and wisdom and inevitably cites research and provides resources to further enable my professional development. I am grateful to Maree for her mentoring and for her commitment to cultivating People Empowered.

Suzie Rigby

Specialist in Wellness and Well-being, Injury Prevention and Health Management, Occupational Rehabilitation and Vocational Assessment, Queensland.

I was matched with Maree through IML mentoring program. Maree is a great communicator and I felt comfortable and encouraged to talk with Maree about things of interest and importance to me. We spent considerable time discussing my team and consequences of KPIs, which was really helpful. She also helped me to clarify what my point of difference is within the Fernwood network. Maree has empowered me to back myself and as a result my business is growing into areas that I hadn’t imagined before we started working together. Also my own professional development has been enriched. I’m extremely grateful to Maree for giving her time and sharing her wisdom with me and I plan to pay it forward and do the same for others from now on.

Michelle Caldwell

CEO Fernwood Bulleen Women’s Health Club, Victoria.

Participating in a 6 month mentoring program I was lucky enough to be partnered with Maree. The change from individual contributor to a leader managing a large multi-disciplined team was a steep learning curve for me, but through the sessions with Maree I was able to improve my soft skills and experience better relationships with my internal & external stakeholders. Maree's support and guidance has been invaluable and I would highly recommend her as a mentor.

Irene Fernandez

Electrical Team Manager at Sydney Trains, NSW.

Maree has mentored and supported me through several changes in career, one of which was a complete change of career. Each time she has supported and empowered me to define my vision, skills, capabilities and potential. I had to stretch to take the risk of new directions and challenges. She also helped debunk self-perceptions that were blocking the way forward to a better position of self-belief. In doing so she helped me believe that all of these opportunities were possible and well within my reach and scope. She understands the business context, challenges and advantages of the global world and has integrated this knowledge to help my professional change and transitions. I would highly recommend Maree to anyone needing a mentor who understands business and the skills needed to manage the complexities of today’s world.

Suzanne Sherry

Former Director of Mission, St. John of God Hospital, Subiaco. Western Australia.

Maree is an amazing mentor who was extremely personable and accessible to someone who had absolutely no knowledge about leadership or managing staff.  She has helped us become better managers, leaders and given us invaluable advice, help and referrals which have greatly helped us in managing our staff and business.

Tania Differding

Director, Achtung Campers, Geelong

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