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- Empower Yourself

Your power is within you. Let me help you light your fire either individually or within a group.

I Invite You to Meet Me for Coffee or have a Zoom call together. Let's See If We Resonate and Could Work Well Together. 


This is also an opportunity to find out all the details. I will also talk you through how you can approach your organisation to get it to invest in you for this mentoring

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Women Leaders

Become part of a  Group Mentoring Program for Women with me

and Discover How To Do It.

The Group Mentoring Program is for women who are already leaders but are challenged
by the obstacles that stand in the way of them advancing to the next level.

This can be conducted within organisations or women can form themselves into a small group

and I will conduct the group outside of their workplace.

What will happen in the group mentoring program?

You will join a small group of 6-8 women who are already empowered but find that their leadership journey is ridden with twists and turns, roadblocks, detours, go slow signs and potholes.

The group mentoring is most helpful when engaged in for at least 3 months. It will help you discover, enhance and help you act on the power within you to achieve the career you desire. It is about how you can become the empowered and empowering leader.

The Program will provide an empowering and confidential space for you to:

  • To share the challenges of your journey with a supportive group of women

  • To discover creative and pro-active ways to rise above those challenges

  • To learn strategies for confidently navigating the roadblocks you encounter in your career

  • To find your voice so you can negotiate for what you want

  • To gain insights into yourself and the limiting beliefs that stand in your way

  • To be inspired and motivated by the experiences of the other women in the group

For many years now I have been mentoring women and conducting workshops for them 
on the challenges they face in accelerating their careers.

There are universal and repetitive insights that come through.

  • Women love hearing what other women are experiencing

  • Women are highly motivated by what other women share

  • Women are empowered to action by discovering that so many other women feel the same way they do

Through it all, I have discovered that when women help other women
extraordinary and amazing things happen for them.

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