How We Can Be Healthy, High Energy Professionals In 2017.

People are worried about what they eat between Christmas and New Year
but they really should be worried about
what they eat between New Year and Christmas.
– Anon.

Don’t we all make new year resolutions about eating well and getting fit? That’s after we know we have indulged to the extreme over Christmas and New Year.

We are going to exercise and lose weight!

We are going to drink less alcohol – except on special occasions.

We are not going to eat chocolate – except as an occasional treat.

After we’ve been for that hour long walk with our girlfriend – to get fit and stay at a healthy weight – we are no longer going to eat cake with our coffee!

We are going to have a healthy breakfast, rather than grab a coffee and muffin on the way to work.

All those promises to ourselves, most of which we break. Yet these broken promises don’t just mean we don’t lose weight. They usually mean that we are low in energy to do what very important to us.

If we want to be high energy, highly motivated professionals in 2017,
we need to live healthy lives.

It was the work of Dr Melissa McCreery that I discovered via her website – – that really focused this issue for me as a professional many years ago. We all have too much on our plate – too much work I mean. Too many things to do! We become stressed, caught up in un-examined emotions and what do we then do. We make ourselves feel better (temporarily) by resorting to food and drink to make ourselves feel better.  We put too much on our plate – food this time! We all know it doesn’t work long term.

As Melissa McCreery says: “Find out what you’re really hungry for. Make peace with food and live the life you hunger for.”

So as you get through this Christmas/New Year period, make some decisions about how you are going to fire up your engine – your body – in 2017.

Whatever you do, DON’T GO ON A DIET. THEY DON’T WORK. Just start to eat more healthily and balance it with the right exercise for you.

Take the whole year to change your life. Don’t try and do it in a few months.

Take small steps. Cut out the cakes, chocolates, the cheese, the muffins, the pies and pastries. Do it one by one if you have to, cutting out one each month.

Eat more vegetables. Drink more water. Buy smaller dinner plates and put less on them.

Leave the alcohol during the week. Go for a run instead. You’ll feel more relaxed and recharged afterwards, than if you collapsed in an armchair drinking a beer or sipping a wine.

If you have tried to do all this last year and the year before and the year before that and felt you failed, don’t give up. Get someone to do it with you and keep one another accountable.

Take heed also of Melissa McCreery’s message – Find out what you are really hungry for. It won’t be food. It will be fulfillment, or maybe purpose and meaning, or maybe it will be recognition, or even appreciation. You won’t find any of those in a mouthful of cake or at the bottom of a bottle. Find out where you can find them and who can help you fill that hunger and make it all happen in 2017.

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