Buying a House


How many of you who are not able to afford to buy a house today wish you had saved more money along the way?

How many of you wished you’d known how to save money?

You might be on the back foot at the moment, but you can make the decision not to let your kids make the same mistakes you did. You can teach them how to save money from a young age and give them a sense of empowerment in the process.

A valued colleague of mine, The Pocket Money Parent, Rob Bihar, has a great program for teaching kids about money. And he’s not just all theory either. He has two kids of his own and he has developed his program with his own kids with great success. So click the link above and find out more about what Rob does.

One of Rob’s more recent initiatives is helping parents whose kids have got into mobile phone debt at the grand old age of 8 years! He has written a great guide for parents called “The 8 Year Olds with Mobile Phones and Debt – 5 things you need to know before you give your child their first mobile phone.” Click his book below to download your free copy.

kids and pocket money

As a regular reader of my blog, you would know that I rarely promote people or their programs and services, but when I do, you can trust that I really believe they have something valuable to offer. I highly recommend that you go and have a look at his website at the link above and download a copy of his free book on mobile phones and kids.




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