Manage Your Energy, Your Time Will Take Care of Itself


fotolia_41115611_xs-2Your are living in a 24/7 hyper-connected, high pressure and stressful world. It’s going faster every year. You produce more information now in a week than you once did in a year. You have tens of thousands of thoughts bombarding your mind every day.

You carry in your pocket what you call your phone, but it’s really your 24/7 office that sees you accessible every moment of the day and night. This tiny office has more computing power than the spaceship that put a man on the moon.

The noise of this hyper-linked reality of technological connection, interaction and availability bombards you with ideas and choices and has the potential to lead to overload and loss of productivity and efficiency when, in fact, it was supposed to do the opposite.

How do you live and work productively and creatively in that reality? How do you manage the chaos?

You manage your energy and that super-charges you to manage everything else. Energy is the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity.

Your body is your most important resource for managing your work and helping you achieve a productive and successful life. It needs to be looked after. When it is rested well, fed and hydrated well and exercised, its energy levels soar and high performance is the result.

So investing in managing your energy and keeping yourself in top condition empowers you for the long haul.

Do an energy audit on yourself. Stop doing what saps your energy. Keep doing or start doing more of what energises and moves you.

Be High Energy and Successful.

  • Get up early and use that time to focus your energy for the day.
  • Engage in physical exercise because it makes you more productive, pumps fresh oxygen through your body, energises you rather than making you tired, gives clarity of mind, protects you from a wide range of diseases. That’s just for starters. Richard Branson has said that for every hour of exercise he does, he gets an extra 4 hours of productivity.
  • Do mental exercise – mind gym – disciplining and focusing your mind on what it needs to be focused on right now.
  • Take time out to become spiritually fit – to engage with your inner self and become self-aware, to reflect, to contemplate, to meditate, to become mindful.
  • Eat high energy food because you know it powers you up and sees you avoid fatigue.
  • Drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated and therefore focused and clear in the mind.
  • Work with your body’s natural rhythms and take breaks every 90 minutes.

If you are not sure how to these things, get a coach or mentor to walk the road with you. You won’t regret it and your life will radically change for the better.

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