Who Maree works well with

If you or your organisation are highly motivated and committed to high performance and excellence in all you do then you will gain the most benefits from working with Maree.

To Be The Best

If you want to be the best version of your professional self, Maree can help you break through the limiting beliefs holding you back, so you can become everything you want to be.

Goal Focussed

By working with Maree you will be able to clarify your goals and gain the support you need to achieve them, leading you to the personal and professional success you deserve.

Seizing Opportunities

Discover through working with Maree, how you can attract to you more opportunities and 'stretch' projects and how to seize them with enthusiasm, courage and confidence to advance your career.

Maree's Leadership Development Program

Untapped Potential

If you know you or your organisation have more potential than you are using then you are half way there. Engage with Maree who can take you the rest of the way to accessing that potential.

At The Cutting Edge

Working with Maree to boost your Soft Skills or those of your organisation can be the missing link that takes you to the cutting edge of your professional or industry sector.

Negotiating Change

Maree has extensive experience in helping both individuals and organisations learn the skills they need to work creatively and pro-actively in this changing and unpredictable new economy,.

What you can expect from Maree

Maree is an inspiring, empowering and insightful person whose contribution to her clients' professional development does not start and finish at the workshop door. She gives generously of her time to the planning of her programs, workshops, coaching and mentoring and in the follow-up afterward which gains her the results she has become renowned for.


    Having worked with hundreds of people and organisations similar to yours for over twenty-five years, Maree comes to you with not only the qualifications but personal experience and expertise.


    With a range of flexible packages, workshops and options available Maree can tailor a package to suit your professional development budget without compromising your goals.


    Communication is an important part of the implementation of Maree's programs and she will remain in collaborative contact with you before, during and after the process.


    Maree only works with a select number of highly motivated & committed people because these are the people who energise and inspire her to give 150%, over and above the value she is being paid to provide. These are also the people who will go from strength to strength working with her.


In Spite Of Large Amounts Of Money Being Spent On Leadership Development,

Leaders Are Experiencing Great Gaps In Their Ability To Lead In This New Economy.


One reason for that, Maree believes, is that many leadership development programs

primarily focus on what leaders need to DO.

You may well come away motivated and inspired, only to discover it dissipates quickly

when you can't implement what you have learned.


Maree believes that there needs to be more focus on skills that take leaders from

what they need to DO, to what they need to BE.


She believes this is the difference maker in this new economy.


So all the services Maree offers are focused on helping leaders develop and enhance their Way of Being

with themselves, their colleagues and employees, their clients and customers and all other stakeholders.

Maree's Services

Leadership Development Programs

These programs develop the skills that Maree believes will enhance leaders' ways of being with themselves, their self-leadership skills, and their ways of being in leading their people. Maree will tailor the programs for you using any of the learning processes here. One of these programs is especially focused on finance professionals.


This can be engaged in as an individual or as a group. As well, Maree has a specialist group mentoring program - Mentoring the Mentally Healthy Professional - which is a non-therapeutic alternative to counselling for professionals working in highly stressful situations.


Maree is first and foremost a facilitator who activates the engagement, interaction and involvement of all participants in a group, drawing out their experience and making it available to everyone. She facilitates discussions around any situation where its sensitivity calls for an outside objective person to lead the discussion.



These are half or full day interactive sessions on a single theme or topic, allowing participants to explore it at some depth. While encouraging reflection and shared experience, they provide practical oucomes and solutions that the participants can take away and implement. All the themes and topics in Maree's services and prpgrams can be adapted into masterclasses.

Short Workshops

Maree offers these short 2 hour workshops as an introduction to a topic or theme. They are practical and interactive and offer participants an opportunity to see if Maree's way of working resonates with them enough to see them invest in a longer professional development program with her.


Where organisations are wanting to initiate change, whether organisational or people focused, and either do not have the expertise to effect it, or want an outside perspective, Maree can act as a consultant. She does not do the work, but facilitates the discussion and planning throughout the implementation so the organisation gets the outcomes it wants.

What you can become by working with Maree

Maree brings to her engagement with you her experience and specialised knowledge of Change Leadership. 

Maree believes that organisations don't change. People change and they then change the organisation.

Her expertise lies therefore in helping organisations lead their people by developing the Soft Skills they need to inspire and motivate their people to move with them through the change process.


  • The transformational leader

  • The highly sought after professional

  • The best version of yourself

  • The employer of choice

  • The organisation of high performers

  • The place of empowered employees