If you are a leader who aspires to mastery in what you do, a Masterclass is one way to get there.

It brings together a group of people who already are masters,

already with experience and expertise

that can enhance the masterclass experience immeasurably.

  • It is a small group of 6-12 people, providing the opportunity for much interaction.

  • It focuses on one theme or topic.

  • It provides an opportunity to explore it in some depth.

  • It introduces you to a group of leaders with the same commitment as you.

What Maree Brings To The Masterclass

  • Her 30+ years of experience in leadership development.

  • Her commitment to cutting edge research in every area of her work

  • Her excellent facilitation skills.

  • Her ability to actively engage all the members of the group

  • Her skill in helping participants identify and articulate their insights, empowering them in the process.

  • Her commitment to follow up after the masterclass is finished

No two minds ever come together without thereby creating

a third Invisible Force

which may be likened to a Third Mind

- Napoleon Hill


Maree's Masterclasses take you on a reflective journey that triggers insights into who you are, what you do and why you do it.

These are Maree's Signature Masterclasses are those that develop and enhance Your Self-Leadership Skills.

They speak to what you need to BE as a leader today.

  • Being the Self-Aware Leader

    This is a foundational skill for all leaders as you commit to understanding how your habits, beliefs and mindsets, formed over a lifetime, impact your leadership because 90% of your decision making is influenced by them. This masterclass helps you discover, explore and bring them into consciousness so you can ensure they serve your leadership rather than derail it.

  • Being the emotionally intelligent leader

    Being able to identify, name, take ownership of and recognise the impact of your emotions on you and others empowers you to manage in an intelligent and professional way. This masterclass facilitates that process allowing you to lead with confidence and heightened emotional maturity.

  • Being the pro-active leader

    When faced with constant change and unpredictability, when your industry or professional sector is threatened with disruption, when you feel challenged from many sides, a very natural response is a reactive one that disempowers you. Learning how to respond pro-actively, however, to be solution focused, forward thinking and a "can do" leader is what this masterclass is about.

Mentoring Group with Maree Harris
  • Being the resilient leader

    How to develop that psychological inner strength and mental toughness we call resilience is what this masterclass is all about. You will discover the 6 skills you need to develop if you are to move through and constructively manage the adverse and unexpected events that challenge your leadership, enabling you to bounce forward.

  • Being the High Energy Leader

    Learning how to prioritise the management of your energy, rather than your time, is what this masterclass is about. By doing this you heighten your ability for the sustained physical and mental activity that leadership demands today. You will discover what charges your energy and how to enhance that and what actions drain your energy and how to stop doing them.

  • Being the leader who integrates work and life

    In an "always on" workplace work/life balance is a fantasy. The alternative is to create a flow of benefits back anad forth between your life and your work. How you do this is what this masterclass is about, resulting in enhanced personal relationships, good health, a sense of well being, appropriate levels of stress and optimum performance as a leader.

  • Being the leader who networks and connects

    Being a leader can be a lonel act. You go it alone at your peril. It's a key leadership skill knowing how and where to invest time, energy and money into building connections that support, back anad inspire your leadership. This masterclass is about how to develop and sustain networks of empowered and empowering people.

Maree will also conduct Masterclasses from her Lead Your People Program - the six ways leaders can create high performing professionals