Guest Post – Recruitment Skills Leaders Need

Recruit the Right People

Guest Post from Jacqui Edge, Recruitment Consultant
with HR Solutions in Geelong.

Leadership Conversations is an occasional audio interview I do with leaders in various professional and industry sectors. I recently interviewed Jacqui  on how a recruitment consultant can help leaders recruit the right people for the right positions in their organisations. I asked her to write a blog post for my readers, outlining the process and the recruitment skills leaders need to be able to do that. This is her post.

In this interview Maree and I discussed how talent really defines your competitive differentiation, your customer experience, and the ability for you to realise your vision. The greatest investment most businesses make is in their people. So getting the right people in the right positions is paramount.

There are four main steps to the recruitment process. With a clear vision, resources and a good knack for connecting with people you can nail this in no time.

Define the role, skills and experience you need

You can achieve this through written position descriptions that detail not only your expectations and responsibilities, but also the skills, education and experience required to be successful in this role.

Develop a campaign to attract talent

Develop a targeted advertising campaign that brings to the fore why you are an ‘Employer of Choice’. You need to consider remote recruitment strategies, and determine how flexible you are in terms of work arrangements – could your new found flexibility open your talent pool to people living remotely?

Determine the right fit for you, your business and your team

Not only can they do the job, what added value do they offer? Think about the working style would compliment your team and your business. What is their underlying motivation and how can you tap into that to light a fire within them?

Set-up your team for success

Finding the right person is simply the beginning of the solution you are seeking. No matter how far you look, the ‘right’ person is never perfect. There is no unicorn. To help your new team member assimilate into your business, your culture, and for them to deliver what you need them to, a well planned Onboarding Program is essential to set this person up for success. This means:

  • Tools of trade ready to go on arrival
  • Policies and procedures briefing
  • Warm and welcome introduction to the team
  • 1:1 catch-up’s.

If this all seems too much, feel free to contact us for a complimentary consultation with no obligation and no upfront cost. We aim to build long lasting business relationships and so we prioritise meeting and connecting with all potential clients. You can meet with us at our Geelong office or we can come to you. You will walk away from this consultation meeting with useful information and new tools and strategies to implement immediately.

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