Time Management For Busy Professionals Online Program

Time Management Is One Of Those Important Soft Skills That Impacts Significantly On Your Leadership And Management.

You Are Living In A 24/7 High Pressure And Stressful World Where You Carry Your Smart Phone Office In Your Pocket, Making You Accessible And Available At Every Moment Of Every Day.

Time Is Therefore The Bane Of Your Life. You Never Seem To Have Enough Of It. You Don’t Have Time To Do What You Need To Do, Let Alone What You Want To Do.

While Time Flies, You Are The Pilot.

You Make All The Decisions About What Happens With Your Time.

You Set Your Priorities.

Unjam Your Radar!

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It Is Designed To Help You Develop Ways You Can Manage Your Time Better And Feel That You Are In Charge Of Your Life.

While It Is Directed Towards Your Professional Life, All The Strategies Are Very Transferable To Your Personal Life.

I Encourage You Not To See These Strategies As Mere Time Management Tips, But Rather As Ways To Manage Yourself Better.

The Term ‘Time Management’ Is A Misnomer;
We Need To Manage Ourselves, Not Time.

Eben Pagan

What's in the Program?

Strategy 1

Introduction to The Course and how you can gain the most from it.

Strategy 2

Making Unexpected Discoveries by Tracking Your Time to find out what you are presently spending your time doing.

Strategy 3

Now I Know Where I am Spending My Time, What Will I do About It?

Strategy 4

Write and Prioritise Your To Do List.

Strategy 5

Break Your Work Down Into 90 Minute Focused Bursts.

Strategy 6

Eat That Frog! Do The Most Difficult First.

Strategy 7

Handle Paper Only Once - Clear The Clutter, Clear The Mind

Strategy 8

Organise Your 5 and 10 Minute Tasks

Strategy 9

Set Up Systems That Save You Time Repeating Yourself

Strategy 10

Manage Your Unfinished Business

Strategy 11

Become A Morning Person And Achieve More In Your Day.

Strategy 12

Manage Your Email Addiction - Start Detoxing Today

Strategy 13

Managing Your Inbox - The Great Time Sucker

Strategy 14

Facing Your Emails Every Morning

Strategy 15

A Strategy From Left Field - How Self-Discipline Saves Time

Strategy 16

Learning To Say "No".

Strategy 17

Meeting Deadline - Even Before The Deadline!

Strategy 18

Overwhelm Sucks You, Your Time And Your Energy Into a Big Hole

Strategy 19

Delegate To Your Best People To Save You Time For Your Priorities

Strategy 20 and Course Completion

Your Time Management Assessment - Where Am I Now? What Do I Still Need To Focus On Improving?

Register For This 20 Week Online Time Management Course Now!

It's A Free Resource For You.