Self-Leadership Is About What You Need To BE As A Leader?

Your First Responsibility as a Leader

 is to Lead Yourself.

 If you cannot do that, you have no right to expect to lead others.

This is the commitment every leader needs to make.

This is the foundation of Self-Leadership.

Because this is so important, I have focused all my leadership development programs around empowering  you with the skills you need to confidently lead from a well-developed inner place, in spite of the challenges of external realities.

Your Self-Leadership  is what inspires and motivates your people.

Your Second Responsibility, therefore, is to

Lead Your People

to help them become

Highly Successful Professionals.


Many leadership development programs today focus on what leaders need to DO. You can come away with a new found confidence, only to find it dissipates quickly when you find you can’t implement what you learned.

My Work Shifts The Emphasis From What Leaders Need To DO,

To What Leaders Need To BE.

It’s About Enhancing Your Self-Leadership.

This is what will make a difference in this new economy, lifting your own performance to unsurpassed levels firstly, then doing the same for your employees, with your organisation winning the final game.

All my work is about empowering the leader within you, developing and enhancing the skills you need to engage with uncertainty, change and unpredictability.

It’s not about always having the answers. Rather it is about having a confidence and self-belief derived from engaging with your “below the waterline” stuff, bringing it into consciousness and then using it to enhance your leadership.

Exploring that with you is where my expertise lies. It’s the exploration of what I call the soft skills of leadership which are, in fact, the hard skills of leadership.

I’m not diminishing the importance of leadership development that focuses on what leaders need to DO. On the contrary, it is vitally important, but without attention to what leaders need to BE, their leadership in these unpredictable times fails too often to meet the expectation leaders and their organisation set for themselves.

Do You Know What You Need And Want To BE As A Leader?

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