Simon Sinek – Find Your Why To Inspire Your Action

Simon Sinek in Melbourne 2017

With everything changing so rapidly and with  so much new information, ideas and opinions being available on a daily basis, there’s not a lot I want to read twice. There’s even less that I want to watch more than once. But Simon Sinek’s original TED talk from 2009 on “How Great Leaders Inspire Action” is a video I have watched at least twice a year ever since. In fact in the first few years after he presented, I would have watched it three to four times each year.

It was his book Start With Why that captured people’s imagination and saw us all begin to see the importance of knowing what our WHY was. He called on leaders who wanted to become great to find your Why because that was what would inspire their action.

So even though I blogged about this back in 2014, I thought I would re-visit it here in 2017.

I now notice that 34,288,830 people have watched it on video. Yes, more than 34 million! Pretty incredible isn’t it? He had a message that has stood the test of time. You can watch his 18 minute video here.

After you’ve (re)watched his video, go buy the book if you haven’t already read it.


Having read the book not long after it was released in 2009, I paid about $400 to attend a 2 hour workshop with him in Melbourne in 2012 when Emma Isaacs from Business Chicks brought him to Australia for the first time. He has been back since, most recently early this year when AIM (now the Institute of Managers and Leaders) was a major partner with The Growth Faculty in hosting workshops with him here in Australia.

Be inspired. Be motivated to stay with it until you find your WHY.

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