This is an offer too good to miss. I had to tell you about it.

Andrew Griffiths is one of Australia’s leading writers on small business. Maybe he is our most prolific! He has, after all, written 12 books now that are sold in over 60 countries. I have done workshops with him and he is really a great presenter with a wealth of knowledge to share.

To celebrate his birthday on  January 20,  he is giving away downloadable copies of his book:

The Me Myth – What Do You Mean, It’s Not All About Me!

This is not a book on small business. It is a book about what he sees as a limiting belief that too many of us share, that is that the world revolves around “ME”.

“Me, me, me”, he says, “is the battle cry of the modern world. These days we all feel overwhelmed and bombarded from every direction with messages encouraging us to concentrate on “me”. But it is this very focus”, he says, “that is stopping us from achieving the rich and rewarding life that we all crave.”

This offer expires on Andrew’s birthday on 20th January, so you need to get in quick by clicking on the book below.



 Download It Now!



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