Why Get A Coach?



Why would I get a coach is still a question some people ask themselves. They have a perception that getting a coach is a sign of weakness or even failure. I’m a professional. I’ve got so many qualifications. If I was to get a coach, people might think I’m not coping.

There are other people for whom coaching is a badge of honour. It’s a sign that they are committed to high performance and to doing everything they can to develop and enhance their career. If their organisation offers them coaching, they see that as an expression of their value to the organisation, that it is an acknowledgement they have something to offer and the organisation wants to give them an opportunity to develop their talent.

I recently wrote an article for LinkedIn on 9 reasons why you might get a coach. Here is an edited version.

  1. Coaching provides a very immediate learning and development experience.
  2. Coaching engenders high performance.
  3. Coaching provides a highly personalised and confidential learning and development resource.
  4. Coaching provides a reflective space to grapple with the challenges, uncertainties and complexities of leadership today.
  5. Coaching is an ideal process for developing that essential leadership quality – self-awareness.
  6. Coaching can stretch you and take you to the cutting edge of your potential.
  7. Coaching will help you develop and enhance your skills more quickly.
  8. Coaching provides you with your own personal consultant.
  9. A commitment to coaching is a commitment to stop, reflect, grow and become extraordinary.

If you want to read the full version, read the LinkedIn article here.

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