Write a book, Become An Author With Gihan Perera.

Are you one of those many people who has always wanted to write a book? You know you have a book in you, maybe two or three even, but you are daunted by the prospect. Maybe you even doubt your ability to write it, let alone know how to publish and print it.

A colleague of mine, Gihan Perera, has come up with the answer for you with Business Book In a Box. This is what he will do.

  • He will sketch out an outline of your proposed book with you, talking by phone.
  • He will then do some interviews you about it, recording them.
  • He will turn those recordings into a book and take care of all the requirements for printing and publishing books in Australia.
  • 90 days later, 200 books will arrive on your doorstep

……….and there’s even more so check it all out at https://businessbookinabox.com

 Why Would You Write A Book Today?

Does anyone read books anymore? Aren’t bookshops closing all over the place? Isn’t everyone into e-books today that they can read on their Kindles or iPads or audio books that they can download from iTunes to their iPods and listen to while they are at the gym or out walking?

People are reading books. Books are selling well, but the real thing about writing a book is that

An Actual Printed Book Has Thud Value!

Don’t underestimate the power of that printed book on your career and on your professional future. When you’ve written a book, you can add “Author” to your CV and that adds enormous credence to your profile and reputation.

Don’t expect to make lots of money from your book. Some do. Most don’t. You may just cover your costs. It is, however, a great marketing and promotion resource. It is for many an expensive business card that can make a big impression.

Gihan has written four books, his latest, published only recently, is – There’s An I in Team so he knows what he is about.

So if I’ve convinced you of the value of writing a book, but you are overawed by the prospect, hand it over to someone who knows how to do it.

Check out Business Book In a Box


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